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Happy Diwali @ FlipKart

It has indeed been a happy Diwali for me. God is great!  And then like a cherry on the icing, I visited only to find MY FIRST BOOK available for purchase online.. At 25% Discounted Price 'Not Totally Unbelievable' can also make a wonderful Padva/ New year gifting idea... Its just a hop, skip, jump to www.  and then a click to pick it up..BUT you will have to promise a book review will be posted as soon as my book is read..Now make me a Diwali gift too!!! :D   Synopsis: Lin delves into her knowledge of the magical powers of the Tisane to solve the problem that her elder sister Liu is facing at The Lingnan Tea House.   Dereck has accidentally slipped into a seemingly unending black hole while trekking in the Black Forests of Germany. His whole life flashes before his eyes as he travels down the dark tunnel. Once out in broad daylight, he is surprised to be alive and shocked to find himself in India. One evening a teenager looks up from the book

When dreams come true.....

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths . - Walt Disney I started this blog and began exploring myself as a storyteller. Little did I know that I was actually opening up a door for myself!  I was only an advertising professional- a copywriter until I gave it all up, went on a hiatus away from it all and found my MoJo to write for myself. Write like I wished to. Write to entertain not sell. So here I was, dishing out tales, deriving inspiration from true life stories. And what a splendid support I received from my fellow bloggers and friends. They gave me the confidence to see myself in a new light, as a writer! I now walk down a new path, hoping all my friends here in the blog-o-sphere will guide me as lovingly as they had in the past. I request you to once again oblige me with your love, visits and readership. My dear friends, my maiden venture as an author has been published