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How to work the 'Quirk'!

If it's not colorful, attention-grabbing and fun, it's not worth  wearing! F ashion trends are predominantly prescribing this. Fashion fads do come and go by the scores but then there are some that will stay for a little while longer. And Fashion being a multi-billion dollars industry undeniably affects each one of us today, especially now that media is getting increasingly influential. Some fashion accessories and apparels strike a chord with your inner persona and become your instant favourite and you want to style them, include them in your 'OOTD' despite what the fashion Gurus might have to stay. 'LS' or not, you love it, want to keep it and wear it. How do you weave these fun pieces into your everyday styling? Some pieces on their own are visually very appealing but when it comes to styling them, it can get a tad bit tricky.  Take the Quirky printed clothes and fashion accessories trend that took the world by a storm all over again, only recently

Capturing Wildlife Moments in India- Book Review

Capturing Wildlife Moments in India Author/Photographer:  Ashok Mahindra   Publlisher:  Oxford University Press(OUP) & Bombay Natural History Society(BNHS) My Rating: ***1/2 About the author:   Ashok Mahindra of The Hemchand Mahindra Wildlife Foundation is an avid wildlife enthusiast who has traveled to capture his passion through the camera lens. Ustad! Yes, he is the Bengal Tiger rightfully adorning the cover of the book. The skillfully shot picture of the fierce  animal enjoying his moment of royal leisure,,has given me a beautiful mental picture of the kind of brilliant photography I can expect in the book.  The note that accompanies this picture clicked at  Ranthambhore National Park, Rajasthan also makes for an interesting read. I wish to highlight the 'Dedication' included at the beginning of the book. It is indeed a very strong message to our generation- " I dedicate this book to young adults in the hope that they, and through them thei

Hama- Guri Goes To School- Book Review

Hama-Guri Goes to School- Children’s stories Author- Aditi Bose Publisher- Cresco Books My Rating- ***1/2 About the Author-  A management professional from Delhi, Aditi is a popular Indian blogger who has written numerous interesting stories of Hama-Guri before. Getting to preview a book before its publishing is a great privilege and to review it is a great responsibility. I am even averse to reading E-books but since it is going to be a book for kids, I couldn't help but jump at the opportunity. This book has the most minimalist cover and to judge the book by it would be wrong. The solid yellow may create a recall value but since its a children's book, I's expect a little more pains taken for a good illustrated cover. Maybe a caricature of the boy-Hama Guri would have been great!  This cover may also works in its advantage because I began reading with an open mind. I was looking for good vocabulary and correct selection of words and as I read I was happy