The Missing Link

She & He had gone on for a long while like this.
She & He had between them something amiss!
She stood silently at the window watching the birds fly free,
He imagined her planning another shopping spree!
He stared at the TV screen blankly,
The soaring bills worried him.
She saw him only interested in the match, now frankly!
Did she mean nothing to him?
He saved to tour the world with her.
She saw him growing stingier and stingier!
“Love You”s became “Miss You”s
And “See You”s became “Bye!”
All that She & He did now
Is look at each other and sigh.
She & He had between them something amiss!
Now She spoke a lot and listened little,
And He spoke not and listened even less.
What a mess!
                                                                               Then one day

as they walked in silence, hand in hand, by the sea
“ Chana bolo, Chole bolo!” heard the hawker say,
She & He.
“Chana” pleaded She & “Chole” said He.
Thought She & He.
 “Ah! We both want the same? What bliss!”,
That’s when like a bolt of lightning,
Came realization!
She & He had between them something amiss!


Kcalpesh said…
Very well written! Enjoyed reading!!

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