55 fiction #2

After  Swamiji’s teaching “ Learn to let go of that which you fear to lose!” Sumitra had freed her pet parrot. As the Doctor walked towards her with a grim face, she went cold all over.  Sitting outside the ICU where her mother was admitted Sumitra now fully understood the purport of Swamiji’s words!


Anil Sawan said…
that was touching!!
HI Sawan, thanks for letting me know..Im not that confident about my 55 fiction you knw...a beginner at it!
ani_aset said…
Hey vibhuti ..i hopped over from "when muse strikes"..though a good attempt this one, i'm sure you can keep the suspense longer till you reveal in last line with a punch :)
P.S: That undefined thing appearing in your blog seems to be date...why dont you change the date format through settings, and one of them may work
HI Ani,
both your suggestions are worth a try! Hope am successful at that..Thanks for your tips..:)
Afronuts said…
Nice blog you have here, Vibhuti. I like the jean look and its interesting to learn that you're also a copywriter just like me.

And again your blog seems to explore themes just like I do on my blog too.

We do share a lot in common. Interesting again I say. I'll definitely be checking your blog out again.

and out of curiosity, whats the '55 fiction' all about?
Karthik said…
Oh that's thought provoking. Nicely done. :)
Naina Sethi said…
Nice..you have talent :) And great knowledge !
i write for a fashion blog- think you should follow me too-enrapturenow.blogspot.com.
SUNNY said…
Hauntingly beautiful.. Amazing..
sawan said…
that was touching!!
Nicky said…
 Mesmerizing story

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