Ambush - 55 Fiction #4

They’d been crawling under the scorching sun.
Elbows were grazing on the gravelly earth but they didn’t care.
They’d been waiting for this chance for weeks now.
This time they were prepared.
Just when they were taking aim at Marty
mother called, “Tommy, Joey, where are you?
Lunch is ready!”


Rumya said…
And then they went "Awww Mom...Do we have to??" ;)
And Mommy growled,"YES!! NOW!!"
So they went inside vowing to get that Marty Kid the next day. :D

Ordinary Day during the Summer Vacations of Tommy & Joey.

Love It!! :)

Ps. Marty IS a kid right?? I mean, he could be a pesky neighbour too.
@ Rumya: this one in fact is from my own childhood. You can replace me with Tommy and I had many accomplice..hehehe..And Yes..Marty was a bully we were aiming at...:D

@Gyanban & Sunny:Thanks a ton!
Sureindran said…
sounds good. looks like I have to read from #1 and will leave another comment after that.
Most welcome Sureindran. Hope you'll enjoy them..waiting to hear from you!

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