Palindrome Naisaiku #2

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Sleepless are nights,

Dark & lonely.

Woe is desolation!

Stay apart never please 

Nights are sleepless!

Please never apart stay

Desolation is woe.

Lonely and dark,

 sleepless are Nights !


sushobhan roy said…
Nice lines..:)
"Desolation is woe, woe is desolation". Beautifully potrayed..:)
sushobhan roy said…
Saw the palindrome in the poem now only.. awesome stuff.. Thumbs up..:)
Karthik said…
Never ever read such a thing before, Vibz. Didn't know about it.
Though it looks so simple, it must have taken some time for you to pen it down.
Beautiful words really. I wonder how you come up with such things. Just too good. :))
Unknown said…
Now that's what I call innovation blended with emotions..awesome :)
That is really cute. It seems to take me into my childhood.
Rumya said…
Beautiful Palindrome Naisaiku!!! :)
With rich emotion and crisp choice of words!!!
Looking forward to another...
Hey guys nowadays am hard pressed for time because my little 1 year old is always upto some masti...
So please pardon that I dont replay to your beautiful complements on a 1-1...
But am really greatful for all the appreciation...
TRhat keeps me writing more..
Glad you'll enjoyed this one...Yes, Karthik..its not so easy to construct a palindrome...But i enjoy it!
Lena said…
Really very strong lines, a palindrome adds a lot to the intensity. Enjoyed reading it :)
That is really cute. It seems to take me into my childhood.

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