Yipeee, another Blogger Award!!

Its a sweet gesture, really! This blogo-sphere is so great and vast...there are innumerable fantastic bloggers out here! And when amongst all of those Surbhi chooses to pass on a blogger award to me, I'm touched!Thankyou sooo much Surbhi!

The RULE is
- In order to accept this award, you have to post it on your blog with the name of the person who awarded it  to you including the link to his/her blog.

- Pass on the award to 5-10 of your most loyal followers.

- Contact those followers and let them know they have been chosen for this award.


I choose to present this award to
1. Rumya Bhatt
2. Karthik
3. Leo
4. The Fool
5. Sneha Sharma

Pass on the LOVE guys...


Sneha said…
Thanks a lott!! I am honored!!
T F Carthick said…
Thanks Vibuthi. First award I am receiving from an individual blogger. Won't be passing on to anyone immediately though as I am not yet so well networked on the blog-o-sphere. Will pass it on eventually.
Megha said…
Hey, Congrats dear :)
Deepika said…
congrats on the awards Vibhuti!! :D :D

U sure are a Versatile blogger!!! :)
Very sweet of you guys!! Thanks sooo much for your wishes..:D
Unknown said…
Hi, Congratulations :)
By the ways, it seems you are busy elsewhere these days as we are not seeing enough posts from you. I must admit that I'm already missing reading your posts :(
Hey Vivek..thanks for these inspiring words...You are a loyal follower :D and you may pick up the blogger award too..bt seems likeur not much interested in these so I didnt tag you..
I promise to get my blog on its feet again...Am suffering a blogger block as of now..
Also my 1 year old naughty son tires me out totaly..:(
Unknown said…
Hi Vibz, well I know there are phases when blogger blockers strike us big time but its always refreshing to come back, isn't it? So, I'm waiting for you to come back. Oh you have a son, I never knew...then I can understand its difficult but I'm amazed that how you found time to write previously, gr8 going big mamma :)

O the awards;-), last time I was very busy when you sent me the Green Blogger Batch and in fact, I tried to copy the award and paste it on my blog but every time it came with your blog name encrypted on it and I was too busy to correct it, so left it on the way. By the way, who doesn't love awards ..lol
Schizophrenic said…
Thanks a lott!! I am honored!!

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