How did she fall for me?

Asked a question to which
No answer I could give
Stumped, I stood staring
While she laughed like a witch
Ever like a fool I live
Readily entertaining

Prompt 1: Regular Acrostic


Gyanban said…
Hey Good to see you back in the blogsphere.!

This acrostic has shaped up nicely.I guess now looking forward to a new mini series from you !

Acrostic is understood when you put a title with it, other than the title of the prompt itself, which is "answer".

You are gifted, but take your time, put some more meaning into your art.
I dont know anything abt acrostic but I liked what I read..
Hey Gyan,
thanks for visiting my blog once again. It may take me sometime to get to writing a series though!

Dear Amias,
am so thrilled to see YOU appreciate my acrostics. Thanks a ton for the beautiful compliment

Hey BSD,
am happy that you have liked what I dished out. You could click on the link below my poem to know more about acrostics and read some more wonderful ones from around the world!!! :D
Yamini Meduri said…
nice acrostic but Amias said..add the title shall make it more than complete..!!

nice one dear..!!

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