Curtain Raiser on the brand New Year 2011

Yaaayyy!!! Here's my latest acquisition and boy, am I proud of that!
BlogAdda has sent me this shiny new badge to flaunt my victory. What an inspiring way to begin blogging all over again in the fresh New Year. :D
Thankyou Blog Adda. Thankyou Anisha..Threee cheers to this wonderful world of blogging!!!! Hip Hip Hurraah....

Here's a picture for BlogAdda's  Share-A-Photo contest...


Nanka said…
Yaaay!! ....and that is a very cute capture!! Congratulations and more celebrations for the latest plunder. You really do excel with the pen and also with your cam :) Keep them coming Vibzz!!!

Wish you a Happy New Year and all good things coming your way for now and all through the New Year!!
Sumit Sarkar said…
Congratz...and thats a very nice pic... :)
Someone is Special said…
Congrats Vibz.. Wonderful pic.. I too got one from BlogAdda..

Someone is Special

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