When evening breeze blows
Oh! how romantic it is
Wistful, mellow, its tickling

Have begun blogging again and heres my first Acrostic Haiku for the month of March, posted for

Innovative Prompt C: WOW


Breeze, Mellow, Tickle


Nanka said…
Wow!! what a feeling when a cool light breeze caresses affectionately, blowing little wisps of hair over the face. Very well done Vibzz and you have combined the two prompts beautifully!!
Nanka said…
PS: I just realized that you have miscalculated the syllable count for the haiku. Maybe since you have long time no ku-ed! ;)
The Poetry Bin said…
Thanks for writing - I enjoyed the read ;)

The Poetry Bin
Vivek said…
Glad to see you back, hope things are good.
The Fool said…
Very skilly fully done. Good to see you back blogging. Interestingly even I have taken to poetry these days. Not tried acrostic yet though. Tried a Sonnet and a tanka.
Jingle said…
love this...
Vibhuti B said…
Thankyou Jingle, heartening to hear from you. tells me ive done right by coming back! :D
Vibhuti B said…
Hey nice to see you here man!
Glad that I have made a come back at blogging when uve begun to write too..
More to relish I see..
Whats a Tanka?
Coming over to find out!
Vibhuti B said…
Hey Vivek,
Ive been good yaar!
Hows you...
Yeah! Its been quite a long time and I'm happy that Ive come back too..:D
Vibhuti B said…
Thanks for visiting..:D Appreciate it!
Vibhuti B said…
Thankyou Anshul..:D
Vibhuti B said…
Thankyou Nanka,
both for the compliment and for pointing out the error..
You see, brain rusts if its not put to work for a long while!!!
Thats just my case, looks like!
Vibhuti B said…
Hey Thankyou Nanka,
for both the compliment and pointing out the error.
I guess the brain does rust if not put to work over a long period of time..
;) Trying to get back on track! :D
The Fool said…
Do look forward to your comments on my 2 poems. I found this wonderful site that explains tankas, haikus, triolets, vilanelle and various other poetry forms taking up a different one every week. Finidng it very interesting and presenters are very knowledgeable about the history of the form and not just the rhymes and syllables but also the kind of themes and how to structure.
Amanda Moore said…
very nice acrostic/haiku it reminds me of honeysuckle and evening walks hmmmmm
Sheilagh Lee said…
this is painting a lovely picture
Jingle Poetry said…

Week 27 Poetry Potluck is open, welcome/Thanks (4) joining us…share your poetry with us today…

Friendship Awards, Enjoy!

Happy Monday,
Bless you!
Highland Lass3 said…
hmmmm great..... deep!

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