'Musings of a Wanderer'- A review

I remember a friend of mine expressing his doubts about the future of poetry when I suggested he seriously consider getting his collection of poetries published. Someone had crippled his faith by saying that prose would rule the publisher’s choice over poetry, anytime!
I beg to differ.

               My heartfelt congratulations to you Shreya Chatterjee and I applaud your effort in bringing your feelings out into the limelight through such fluent poetic verses. Shreya Chatterjee’s ‘Musings of a Wanderer’ is a collection of short verses that rekindle hope in this day and age that poetry will not die a slow death. As long as emotions and experiences stir one to pull out their quills, one should continue to write in verse. And also believe in it enough to know that there will be some hearts out there that will definitely relate to your words and connect with your book of verses.

This extremely reader friendly slim book of 95 Pgs. is full of sweetly simple poetry that clearly comes straight from the heart. No bombastic words, no over-the-top extravagant subjects, no drama! Just plain, free-flowing MUSINGS one can breeze through. You don’t need to possess an intrepid soul to connect with this wanderer. She talks of journeys that most may have experienced with child-like innocent wonder. And it is amusing to see how she has turned simple daily happenings into pieces of art for all to appreciate. This book is indeed a world within a world!

Shreya Chatterjee’s style of writing will come across as very contemporary for those (like me) who have grown up reading and appreciating poetry of the golden ages written in chaste English.
Please do not expect verses that will rhyme and follow strict meters though at many points it did feel as if she’s woven many Haikus together to make one piece. She is a writer of free will and free verse, a true wanderer! She has explored. She has expressed the way it comes to her.

There are many high points in this collection of poems. However I wish she had taken more pains in carefully titling each piece. There are many poems, in my opinion, which would have been examples of perfection if their titles were well selected. ‘Candle Tete-A-Tete’ made me expect  yet another light-hearted romantic piece whereas it turned out to be a beautifully, creative piece which told me ‘What is a candle’ and brought before me the different significance of the Candle in our lives.

I recommend you read ‘Defiance’- am sure many will be able to relate to the spirit in the poem, the fervour of emotions is at its peak expressed through a rich selection of words.

I must thank BlogAdda for initiating me to this collection of poems. It is nice to read such light-hearted poems too, once in a while!

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The Fool said…
Nice review, Vibuthi. Missed you at the Blog-a-ton.
I have also put in my request to join the review program. Let me see if I also get a free book.
Nishana sujith said…
Hey Vibhuti,

I think its a general thought that poems sell less. but i dont think so..... :) I think of them to be one of the most sublime faces of literature. And about rhythm and metre and alliteration.... who cares if it is good enough to read?

I read your blog on your new book release too..... Sought it up in Flipkart..... havent read yet... hopefully soon.... am myself an aspiring writer (actually I already write) though its my dream to get published (as a book ).... but scared.... of publishers and editors and God knows what else???? hopefully some day.... your posts (I have just discovered your blog) is nice.... :) keep blogging:)

Oh and that coffee thingy at the bottom of your page ...I like it ... how did you do it...cmon spill it!! :)
Mohan P said…
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