LEAD to a headSTART

Mighty Oaks from little Acorns grow......

And one such seed of thought led me to consider having my collection of short stories published.
I am sure every aspiring writer knows how difficult it is to progress into becoming a published author and I began the journey with all possible fears too. It was only a letter from my former editor in charge late Mr. Sunil Poolani ( may his soul rest in peace ), that brought cheer and hope to me. It was a wonder to receive a letter from him that extolled my writing capacities. What happiness!
It is by God's grace that I got the right publishing break through Leadstart Publishing. Founded in 1994, Frog Books now an imprint of Leadstart, brings out about 10 titles a month. And I'm happy to let my readers know that 'Not Totally Unbelievable' is one of their New Releases in the month of November.

 My maiden title 'Not Totally Unbelievable' is sailing smoothly on the waves of love from readers far and wide. Many thanks to my editor Mr. Oswald Pereira and the C.E.O. of the publishing house, Mr. Swarup Nanda who took personal interest in turning my work out in time and with elan.

Do check out their website - www.Leadstartcorp.com to know more about my book and its publishers..:D

Three Cheers to the art of book publishing!


Nanka said…
Three cheers to you, Leadstart and all those connected there with the art of book publishing!! May you have a long and glorious career in good quality writing as you have done now!! 
Wish you the very best!! 
magiceye said…
I hereby second Nanka!! :)
Gyanban said…
It's nice to see and hear about publishers who are open minded and welcome new authors and new ideas. Writing is a very relative thing,someone's passion could well be somebody's yawn.Therefore it is imperative that we have mature,balanced and open minded people who can view objectively and decide whether someones contribution is worth publishing or not.On the other hand it also serves as a great encouragement for upcoming authors.
Looks like leadstart has got the right thinking caps on! Congratulations to you Vibhuti and Leadstart for this glorious combination!
vibhutib said…
Thankyou so much Nanka,
You very well know how this book has been a labour of love..
Now I want so much to give a copy of it to you and the distance between the 2 cities seems so large suddenly..:( 
Will soon, I promise..
TC and much love!
urs Vibz
vibhutib said…
'Mumbai' HAS to happen soon..:( Dying to get there..Thanks a ton for all the support Deepakji
vibhutib said…
There are very few who have the grit to give aspiring authors a chance...
Our future literally lies in their hands..:)
Have been truly blessed by God with the right publishers. :D

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