9 ways to rock the next 6 months with MARSALA !

That intoxicating red of wine, the earthy shade with a seductive personality of its own has a name and is now recognised as 'Marsala'. To me, Marsala sounds like a sultry, yet sophisticated lady with a beautiful story to tell. Is that you?

 Marsala was declared the Pantone Colour of the year 2015.  This heady mix of the brick red and mud brown had a lots of tongues wagging and Pantone's choice received brickbats from critics. I was however surprised to see how the cloud of dust had settled as soon as it had risen and the ladies began appreciating the strength this colour wields.Its already been half way through the year trying to work this colour into our daily wardrobe.

I am not the one to lap up a fashion trend blindly but I'm definitely a person who strongly believes in personal style. And I was so right that Marsala would take our style quotients to a new high this year.  Though many fashionistas have already created magic with this shade, I thought I should share my two cents too.

There are many ways you can include this rich red-brown into your lifestyle and flaunt it like it was always your own.

Here are the TOP 9 ways to work the Marsala magic-

1. I took a cue from JLo who looks exceedingly stunning to my eyes, wearing the Marsala like it's her power colour. There's just enough of the goodness there. Not over-doing it is the key to looking in control. I feel this colour complements the Indian skin tone very beautifully. Don't let the colour take over you, hit a balance and you will have nailed a stunning look. Wine in your mouth and Marsala on your lips. Wouldn't it be just a perfect evening?  

2.  I'm a big fan of this iconic beauty and I think Frida Kahlo figures in my article for the second time. How can I or anybody ignore her, when she exudes so much ease while making powerful style statements that will influence fashion trends for centuries to come? This classic picture of the diva reinstates the belief that Marsala has always been a popular shade, only to be recognised by a new name this year. Old wine in new bottle eh? Throw a lovely, flowing scarf around your neck and create an easy, laid-back look. Rock the summers this year, by adding a sarong in the divalicious shade to your resort-wear.

3. Spotted this Trolley Ankle Booties at Pinterest. No, that's not the only style trending in Marsala hued footwear. There are a whole lot, ranging from pointy toed flats to thigh-high boots. The one I've picked, just represents a whole new tribe of footwear in this sexy shade. Don't you think this colour is just meant to walk the ramp? I mean, I'd feel like a super-model the very instant I'd put these on. It's definitely the colour that will wake up a dull day at office. Wear it on a Monday and beat the blues!

4. As that special date nears, do you also find yourself in deep quandary as no new idea comes to mind while selecting a gift for him?  Marsala, if you haven't realised as yet, has just made our life easier. Pick a necktie or a jacket in the colour and you will have brought a broad smile on his face. This shade is as masculine in its magnificence as it is in its femininity. So now you have something to zero down on now, in your hunt for that perfect gift for him.

5. Now Marsala needn't be restricted to apparels and accessories. Express your passion for everything stylish by including this colour in your home decor. Make your private spaces a tad bit more romantic by rolling some magic onto a wall panel. This pop of colour will prove to be a visual treat!

6.Or the simplest way to stir some love into the warmth and ambiance of your living room is by placing a luscious bunch of flowers on the center table. Hand pick some fresh Peonies and Roses in the sophisticated shade of Marsala and handcraft a welcoming ambiance for your guests.

7.Talking about guests, reminds me of parties. And no party is complete without a table laden with food and pastries. For me, the red velvet cheese cake is the yummiest mouthful of Marsala.

8. And when we talk of gourmet food laden tables, it reminds me of weddings. Come to think of it, I just realised Marsala has been an integral part of all Indian wedding celebrations. Yes, Mehndi aka Henna! The quintessential part of bridal styling is our very own Marsala, isn't it? It's an old folklore; deeper the red on her palms, deeper will be the love she enjoys from her husband.

9.And where there's a mention of a wedding, there's got to be a discussion around the bridal trousseau. If you are planning yours this year or there's someone in the family on the threshold of getting hitched, in Indian style, you know which hue to include in the bridal trousseau. Nargis Fakhri walked the ramp for JJ Valaya at India Bridal Fashion Week 2012 in a Marsala trousseau. That also goes to prove this colour has been popular in Indian Couture way before Pantone brought the limelight onto it.

I think Marsala makes THE most seductive colour choice of all modern wedding ceremonies with everything from wedding cakes to invitation cards and even the entire venue being dressed in it.

I've already included a lovely new pair of Marsala hued gem earrings into my 2015 wardrobe and brought out some beautiful dresses that I'd absolutely forgotten about. Even my camera was very happy that Marsala had been declared the colour of the year, so said my selfie that presently adorns my Twitter profile.

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Neha said…
Lovely article V..!! Loved your tips on how to incorporate & discover Marsala in so many different aspects of our daily lives...

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