City Under Curfew and other stories: Book Review

Book Title: City Under Curfew and other stories

Author: Fazayal Shabbir

Publishers: Leadstart Publishing

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

About the Author: Fazayal Shabbir has followed the traditional route of mechanical engineering topped with a post graduate diploma in business management on the academic front but is unconventional in other aspects of his life. He holds a black belt in Judo and accomplishments at state level, and sports is closest to his heart.

Book Review:

It is an assorted collection of 12 short stories which make for quick and easy reading. I find paperbacks keep me hooked longer than ebooks do and such stories are the easiest way to bring me back into the rhythm of reading.

I could relate to the title story the most because I'm a 90s kid from Mumbai who has seen those scenes of curfew during the Hindu- Muslim riots and the cold-blooded encounters in by-lanes. I was a tad bit sad that the remaining stories that follow in the book are not based on the same topic and neither do they have anything to do with Covid-curfews. Each tale felt like a glimpse from the lives of people I felt I'd met at some point of time. 

I like stories with twisted, unexpected ends and I found one or two such treats in this book. I don't want to give out spoilers by naming the title of the story.

The story of the man with six failed suicide attempts reminded me of a popular recent web series. I enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed watching the more elaborate movie version.

Simplistic storytelling, but fairly well- edited collection of tales. I wish the author all the luck with his future endeavours! 


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