Materialistic Life

Truthful voice suppressed
Materialistic life
Not waving, drowning

This has been written for Carry On Tuesday # 83
and for
Prompt # 21: Life


Vee said…
rightly said!
TweetyShwe said…
Very true vibz...the power of money drowns the truthful voices..
Nanka said…
Yes money does speak and truthfulness has no voice... it is just strangled. Lovely Haiku on the two prompts :)
Jingle said…
smart take.
Sumit Sarkar said…
Hmm...I love it :)
Truth is often suppressed but it reveals itself in some way or another in the end... :)
Leo said…
yeah.. it happens.. we go after materialistic pleasures and then end up drowning.. nicely said.
Jingle said…
well put.
insightful post.

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