Mooning over the past....

As the clouds sailed over the beautiful full face of the moon, we watched with bated breath, awaiting the lunar eclipse. This phenomenon would not occur again untill 2028. The Blue Moon on the evening of 31st Decemeber 2009 seemed to say peek-a-boo to the New Year 2010. And for a few minutes I thought I could see a blue halo around the floating white moon. My silly mistake was that I actually voiced it. Thats when the real info' started pouring out of the knowing brains around me.
My well-read hubby cleared the sky of any ambiguities, " The term blue moon does not come from its colour,dear!". He continued, " When there are two full moons in a single month, occurring approx' every 2.7  years, the rare phenomenon is called a blue moon."
That's when our other well-informed friend added, "This year's blue moon is even more special because it coincides with a partial lunar eclipse happening on the last day of the International Year of Astronomy."

At this point I really regretted not having a professional camera between us that could capture this phenomenal beauty as our naked eyes could see.
I looked up and the moon seemed to smile back and say, " It's going to be a truly special year ahead!"
Sigh! I'm loving it already....


Sunny said…
I was the lucky one who did posses an SLR and lucky enough to click the blue moon on the new year. Will update the pics on my blog soon.
Hey really?
Lucky u..Will kp an eye out for ur upload..:)

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