From me to you!

There are many environment conscious bloggers in this blogosphere and I really admire the way they have expressed their concern for conserving it.
Some birding enthusiasts & wildlife photographers keep the love for nature growing with each of their beautiful posts. It is because of such thinking minds that there is hope for the survival of our depleting 'Green' treasure be it the Indian Tiger or even the snakes.
I wished to express my gratitude and support for such bloggers and was hunting for an appropriate medium to communicate the same.
The blogger badges rotating around didn't connect with what I wanted to applaud bloggers for and so I thought of creating one on my own.
Hope the recipients like this badge design.
Those who've liked it can also feel free to pick it and award it to bloggers they find worthy of this badge!

                              Image courtesy Simon Howden

The rules are:
1. Place the badge on your blog
2. Add a link to the blog if you were given the award.
3. Nominate your blogs of choice (Max.5).
4. Include links of the blogs that you have nominated.
5. Let them know by leaving a message (shout) on their blogs.

The blogs I present this badge to are


Shilpa said…
wow this a cool one and btw I have left an award for you at my blog too :)
Thanks Shilpa, WOW!! really? Ill go get it..:D
Vivek said…
Hey thanks,WOW... I m delighted to receive the badge from you :)
But I did not fully understand how to place the badge on my blog, help me with it.
Thanks again !!!
this is such a cool idea ,hon:))
Before i initiate something in this direction i would like to ask you to read my post 'Green Deeds' @

will respond(not reply) once you come with your further thoughts and opinions ...

hoping for a big green thing :)
Cool !

Lovely Blog
S said…
Cool green award, and you got a follower in me ! :)

Sourav :)
Rumya said…
I've left you a little something on my Blog. I know its a bit late but as the saying goes, 'Better Late than Never'. Hope you like it!!
I'm sure you'll know which post to take your Badge Pic from!! ;)
Cool green award, and you got a follower in me ! :)

Sourav :)
Vibhuti B said…
Thanks Shilpa, WOW!! really? Ill go get it..:D

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