#6 LuiFei- The Eternal Temptress

Luifei, now beyond her prime was known as the eternal temptress in 'The Great Within'.
She had really belonged to The Emperor Lao Di, father of the reigning Emperor. It was a custom in ancient China that when the Emperor died, some of his favourite concubines were buried alive alongwith him, in the belief that they would give him company in his afterlife too.

When Emperor Lao Di had died of old age, his three favourite concubines were immediately prepared for the burial ceremony but LuiFei the 5th Favourite concubine had foreseen what would come her way. Some years ahead of time she had planned her escape from that early death. She shrewdly succeeded in luring Lao Zhung when the old Emperor was bed-ridden. She escaped the royal palaces under the pretext of accompanying Lao Zhung on his journeys through the provinces and thus evaded the customs.

Lao Zhung had returned back victorious from years of war with the Mongols but the old Emperor was no more. Now as reigning Emperor Lao Zhung took Lui Fei into his own harem as his 10th Imperial mistress between his 200 and odd  numbers of concubines. By now she was well beyond her prime but her feminine charms were as seductive as ever. Flawless skin, Lustrous hair and a curvaceous figure that kept her real age well-concealed and got her the title of 'The Eternal Temptress'. Though LuiFei was quite a crafty lady one couldn't call her mean in anyway. She had done all to secure her position but she never wished any ill for any of her contenders or her juniors. She was a large hearted soul who would share her experiences and train the young girls in all the skills she had mastered over the years.

 LuiFei taught many a tricks to Wu that could have the Emperor eating out of her hands. Lui Fei bowed with a downward glance and then looked up deep into Wu's eyes, holding the gaze steady she batted her eyelids. LuiFei's charms were irresistible. Her every manner and gesture emitted oomph and elegance.
Outside my window,
I know it is raining.
Drops on the pane,
I hear its drumming.

The clouds are dark,
with silver lining.
On my bed of peonies,
I know its raining .

When Lui Fei sang, every word was a flawless note. Her melodic voice was captivating and her graceful moves were as fluid as the Yellow River, absolutely enchanting. When she performed  the traditional fan dance she would lose herself in the music. It almost felt as if there was a celestial aura around her.

When her  performance was over, there would be pin drop silence in the hall. She'd slowly open her eyes from her frozen poise and look at the young faces peering back at her. She seemed to enjoy watching their besmitten faces. She'd then give a little giggle from behind her hands cupped on her mouth, her eyes gleaming with happiness at her audience. And only then would her students be back to some chattering between themselves. As long as LuiFei performed, none could take their eyes off her.

Wu devotedly sat through each class attentively absorbing everything, every move, every note, ever syallable of the song and dance sequence performed before her. Wu had soon proven herself as the best student so far for with every lesson LuiFei noticed a transformation in Wu. There was a time when LuiFei actually felt as if  she was peering into a mirror, when Wu was giving her performance .
Wu had learnt well and fast!


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