Fly away Fly!

Fly upon my nose

For a minute’s stint

Sat between so close

My eyes went squint

Fly away fly

Before on the sly

With one flick

Of my tongue, quick

I make you my meal

And seal the deal


Nanka said…
That was a real good LOL I had!! You are so good at this lighter stuff and the serious things too :) The squint eyed one waiting to flick a lick at his meal oh! lol :D
Unknown said…
Lol...I felt it fun to read and the picture is really good as well :)
magiceye said…
:) that was fun! visually evocative!
Rajlakshmi said…
hahaha ROFL ... well written
very beautifully written. Agree with magiceye that it is very visually evocative!
Amity said…
Lol! T'was fun Vhibs...:D

I wish I could be a ribtickler too but I guess I am boring, ha ha ha!
Rajlakshmi said…
hahaha ROFL ... well written

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