The Scribe Tribe Goes to the Game of Blogs at BlogAdda # CelebrateBlogging!

 10 little Bloggies listed at the Adda,
 Dollie never fell in line,
So then there were 9.

9 little Bloggies blogging at our Adda,
Pankaj quit, a very sensitive team-mate,
And then sadly they were only 8

8 little Bloggies writing for Adda,
Avinash wouldn't write and didn't quit even,
And so battling it out were only seven

7 little Bloggies The Scribe Tribe of Adda,
Sarath's with his tweeple and we are in a fix,
thus off and on, we remain only six.

6 little Bloggies telling stories at Adda,
Romita says her comp's under the knife,
So writers, we remain only five.

5 brave Bloggies blogging for Adda,
Harry's been robbed when on a tour
We shouldered it all, only four.

The poem may be a ball of truth gathering some ire and some pity as it rolls but the remaining 4 pillars of The Scribe Tribe are extremely positive people. We gave the 'Game Of Blogs' our all and tried to make a successful journey out of it.
Not one moment did we let our writing get affected by people walking out on us.

It was a roller coaster ride, right from the beginning. Mid-Week 1 itself we had realised that we would need more number of quality fiction writers so we made an attempt to replace our absconding 10th member with a new blogger. BA promptly responded to our request and sent us a new member. 
Now I feel like a Lady Sherlock when I recall having Googled the new guy's name to find more about him. I had ventured out to Google his profile because despite Rahul-our POC having written to the replacing player numerous times, he hadn't responded either. So Lo & Behold! What do we find out? A fugitive, an international criminal involved in several fraud marriage cases had been included in our team. I could imagine all my team mates faces draining colour as I shared my discovery with them. BlogAdda was informed and that was that! We chucked him, we blocked him and did some more online scouting to keep him from following us. Hope we have him off our backs for good!
So yeah! The Scribe Tribe's journey has been quite eventful. 

THE SCRIBE TEAM and what we are made up of....

Day #1 When the team members list arrived, I'd taken the initiative to write to my teammates introducing myself and got cracking at the ice to bring everybody together. As the saying goes, 'first impressions are the last impressions', it rings true.

In the first instance itself, RAHUL PRABHAKAR's self-introductory mail told me, his name sounds like that of a commando and he surely will do well as our Captain. Soon after all the members had been rounded, we had unanimously elected him as our Point of Contact as instructed by BlogAdda and we were good to go!

Need I say, Rahul did justice to his first impression by being there always for the team from Day #1 till date. 
He saw to it that he'd given his weekly contribution of a story before leaving for the holiday at Goa with his family that had been pre-planned which happened by the end of week #2 of the GameOfBlogs. This guy's sense of responsibility kept him online and Via FB chat and Whatsapp he saw to it that we updated him and also helped us co-ordinate things as usual.Its a known fact that the Goan Suseghat lifestyle affects us all once you have touched the land but this guy was relentless with his participation in Week #3, especially because we were aiming for the Wild Card entry. Between all the challenges he also had a terrible conjunctivitis to battle and yet The Scribe Tribe's Captain Rahul Prabhakar played the editor's role too, all throughout, absolutely well without a single complaint. The cleanup job after all our euphoric typing is the toughest I believe! 
He has also set-up and runs The Scribe Tribe's FB page where we have a 100 LIKEs already! :)

When I signed up for the #GameOfBlogs I'd made a mental note that I, VIBHUTI BHANDARKAR, will stay committed to my team, come what may!
I'd like to say I have made major contribution to The Scribe Tribe's performance at the Game of Blogs. These have been 3 weeks that I took up, not only as a challenge for my writing skills but also as a self-development exercise. 
Pulling the different moody writers together, helping them with the storyline, co-ordinating to line them up, staying calm and collected when everything seemed to be  falling off the ledge, strategising, phew! The list could definitely go on. I learnt a lot along the way, about myself and about my writing plus points and drawbacks too. I now know that I can make a great team player and also quite a fine leader. I have immense patience and understanding for the myriad types of people that we may come across in life. At the risk of sounding like I'm busy blowing my own trumpet, I'd say my best contribution to this team would be the 'Scribe Tribe' logo besides all the chapters I am proud to have written for the story series that gave great twists to the tale and a creative ground for my teammates to follow up on.

Pictures speak a Thousand words! So true! Meet VETURI SARMA the brooding, thinker of our team who gave our team its name. We were The Scribe Tribe within minutes of forming a Google Group. Hip,Hip, Hooray!!! Something told me, that he was the one who'd play a key role and yes, he did! This man of few words is just the opposite when it comes to writing. He tells tall tales and how! Trust him to take one prompt and make a huge chapter out of it. :) A nocturnal being when it comes to writing, this man has been a gem all through the 3 weeks, balancing his office shifts and contributing well-drafted stories at the drop of a hat, I have special respect for this teammate.
This one was the true pillar of support without whom, Rahul and my spirits to make this team effort a success would have definitely been doused. 

And here's the lady who gave me company. BABITHA COSTA, as sweet as the fantastic dishes at her blog. She's not a creative writer but not once did she ever let us down. A quick briefing was enough for her to cook up a short and sweet piece of confectionery and our story series was off to be served, piping hot! A self-motivated contributor to the team, The Scribe Tribe is proud to have had you along Babi. She made sure that all the links were in place and active, keeping a keen eye-out for small typos and errors that may have given us a slip before Rahul's proof-reading. 

There's immense amount of virtual love going around between the 4 of us here. I am so proud to have worked shoulder to shoulder with you all on our story series. We made something out of absolutely nothing, quite literally!
BIG BEAR HUGS my Scribes!

The Pancham of our troupe, (not that he sings or composes) since he is the fifth member who stood strong, win or no win, up for the Wild Card Entry round too. It wouldn't be a big surprise if I meet this HARSH SINGH, in person at one of the airport terminals. he practically lives there he says..;) Quite the traveller, this young banking professional got looted off his bag of valuables at Mathura. Shuttling between the Police office and hotel, between cities and his own office, he almost forgot about his Scribe Tribe! Or probably he just couldn't manage writing. I apologise Harry, I had to drag you back by the ear in the Wild Card Entry week again, we needed you!

SARATH BABU our animal lover friend, found some abandoned baby squirrels and adopted them. His videos and pictures that he's shared with me during the first 2 weeks, gave me an insight into how one can actually feel unconditional love in bringing up little babies, not only human but also pet animals like these cute little nibblers. One of the squirrels escaped from Sarath's home and soon after he found it dead in his own garden behind the bushes. And ever since the grief-stricken Sarath has not written for us. We missed your writing for the Wild Card round. 
Sarath is a Tweeteratti. Quite a celeb out there, running contests and having a gigiantic number of followers. Thankful and proud to have your support out there Sarath!

Sigh! Thus went the past 3 weeks in the blink of an eye but these days left us with a treasure trove of experiences. Lessons learnt, lifelong friends found in Rahul, Veturi, Baitha and Sarath. I am so proud to have met you all and formed a team with you'll. If given a chance to turn the hands of time I wouldn't change a thing about us. 

The Scribe Tribe could do without a certain member 'A' who kept mum Week 2 onward, not quitting and not even contributing; sitting on the fence and blissfully watching us struggle. His snide remarks were also one reason for the loss of a good contributing member from our team who felt hurt and quit. There was one more writer whom time and again I had to pull up and beg and plead for whatever little contribution she has made in the first 2 weeks.  Sadly focus and commitment was dreadfully missing and I confess I' wish I'd requested a replacement for them. I wonder what made them sign up for the competition in the first place?

Thankyou BlogAdda for this amazing experience at the #GameOfBlogs.

Never knew #CelebrateBlogging had so much more to it than only writing. It wasn't just about writing and story telling, it wasn't just about working towards our dreams and ambitions of getting published, it was more, much more than we could ever imagine!


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