CAN discover a NEW me in the New Year!

I am a multi-tasker, with multiple interests, vocations and hobbies. My friends know I wear multiple hats. I am a writer. I am an artist. I love birding and travel Photography. I am a Social Media junky. I have a passion for fashion. I am a movie buff. And above all I am a BLOGGER.

This is the very first post in the New Year 2015 and I am full of hope as I type away. I am hoping this year sees me pursuing and juggling all of my passions simultaneously, if possible! I have a list of resolutions too and I plan to nail them.

I know I don't need magic to make all this happen. It could indeed be possible if my life gets the perfect tools to assist me in it. I am tech-savvy too and I know exactly what piece could prove to be a boon.

I wish to grow beyond my laptop and be able to write even when I am on the go. Who wants to carry that bulky thing around but then you never know when an idea can hit you. And then instead of fumbling around to locate pen and paper while traveling, I could simply, smoothly pull out my slim and light tablet PC and type away to bliss. Doesn't that sound amazing? My writer friends would definitely agree.

Or imagine spotting a rare bird on a low branch right before your eyes and you don't have a camera handy. It has happened to me several times. I'm always on the verge of pulling my hair out for want of a good camera in such situations. It is really very frustrating, losing the chance to capture that moment of spotting a beautiful masterpiece by mother nature. My phone camera is just not good enough. Wouldn't it be most convenient to have a great handheld piece with a sufficiently good lens to click a quick picture? 

Like an answer to my New Year Eve's wishes, I laid my eyes on just the perfect tech-candy, this morning at the IndiBlogger website. It would be like a dream come true to lay my hands on this one.

 The all new Micromax #CanvasTab P666 powered by Intel® Atom™ Processor, looks like its designed to let me discover a whole new ME in 2015! Check out the demo video and I'm sure you will fall head over heels for it, like I did.

It says it CAN discover the Multitasker in YOU! For me, it indeed CAN!

The 1GB RAM makes it a lightning fast thing. So surfing and networking through the various social media sites is going to be easy-peasy! Plus its battery life gives me 6 hours of browsing besides the 15 hours of talk time. That definitely is a super-efficient tool.

Its enabled by this new Intel Burst Performance Technology and very high resolution HD screen display. It would be super-awesome to be able to watch a movie or two while on those long road trips by car. I could also keep the kids occupied with the MicroMax Canvas Tab then. What a blessing that could be!

The more I think about it, the more I am feeling desperate and needy to light up my life with this techy baby. Besides being a luxury item, I would also like to believe the Micromax Canvas Tab can help me get from fat to fit. 

I am a mommy to two beautiful boys and now I like a particular tag added to the title 'Mummy'. I love to hear people call me a 'Yummy Mummy'. Now wouldn't it take all the tedious rigor out of my daily exercise routines if I could watch some great floor-exercise or pilate videos on the vivid display screen. It would light up my mornings immediately and get me geared to go within no time. 

I would like to add a line to the demo video....'CAN Inspire a Fitter, Healthier You!'

I am completely convinced about what I need to include in my life almost right away. If you feel the need for more information, you could always visit HERE and find out in detail about the Micromax #CanvasTab P666 

So if you are just like me, with infinite passions and interests I think I have located THAT thing which can bring more efficiency to all the time management required in achieving all the resolutions made for this brand new year. 

Here's wishing all my friends then, a very HAPPY and Tech-Savvy NEW YEAR 2015!


rupam sarma said…
Happy New Year 2015

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