Book Title: Mashenka
Author: Agnia Barto
Translated from the Russian by Avril Pyman
Drawings by Willi Trubkovich
Publisher: Progress Publishers 1976
Printed in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
My Rating: *****

MASHENKA by Agnia Barto

With this book my 6yo son + 3yo son (Together known as 'Udhishu'!) + I have set off to complete the ‪#‎100bookpact‬.
This book is a Russian publication- a 1980 EDITION!
So it basically means this book has been in existence even before I was born.
The whole of December carries the mood of Christmas for me.(Its also my birthday and hence the celebrational mood is in an overdrive! Teehee.... )

So what better time than this to let my children-Udhishu, inherit this book? I clearly remember Pa gifting me this poetry book among a huge pile of other great books for my third or fourth birthday and then mum would pick out one book for me and read from it.
I am immensely attached to the book and I know where my love for the verse and words comes from.
While Udhishu and I read from this book, my 6yo learnt two big but great words. He also understood how poetry can convey a simple yet beautiful story. Its about Mashenka, and how the little girl sees the world from her little curious eyes. In just a few words this poetry book actually teaches children to appreciate the beauty around. 

My 3yo just loved the illustrations and he had his own story to tell while I read the verse...LOL
SANTA CLAUS was and now is a tad bit more enchanting because of 'Mashenka'.

A little about this  ‪#‎100bookpact‬

 DO YOU WANT TO JOIN ME IN the #100bookpact?
Please feel free to embark on this beautiful journey....
(Please copy into your first post as a participant.)
Here are the guidelines:-
-To show case your love for reading.
-This is not a competition.
-There is no strict timeline.
-As you read, you post the picture of the book you read with hashtag #100bookpact.
-You get to know what others are reading and can pick up recommendations.
-You can include books that you have already read too. It does not have to be, from now on. If so make sure that these book have been something that fundamentally touched you in some/many ways.
-If you have a child, you can post your child's reading updates also.
In that case there can be repetitions too. My children take pleasure in reading the same book again and again and I believe that they dig deeper with every repetition.
Here is the format:-
(1) Add #100bookpact mark the book as 1/100, 2/100..etc
(2)Post front cover of the book
(3)Add review - optional
(4)Tag people who you would think would enjoy the book _OPTIONAL
(5)If it is your child you are posting for do #100bookpact 1/100 nickname/name of child.


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