You Will Sail Through: A Book Review


Book Title: You Will Sail Through

Author: Abhishek Bhargava

Publishers: BlueRose Publishers

My Ratings: *** 

About the Author: Abhishek Bhargava is an MBA from Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune, Batch of 2015-17 and currently works with a Consulting organization based in Bengaluru, India. Along with an MBA, Abhishek holds a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. Hailing from Vidisha, a town near Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Abhishek has a knack of storytelling and writing since his school and college days where he won numerous accolades in the likes of debate competitions.

Nobody's journey of life is devoid of hardships and hurdles, but very few take lessons from experiences. Leave alone thinking of writing a book that can guide peers at sailing through smoothly. This book by a Millenial for the Millenials is in fact a treasury that we can enrich ourselves by reading. 

A non-fiction book in the garb of storytelling, Abhishek Bhargava-the author has written realistic episodic scenes which Indian readers will be able to relate to easily. Each of the seven chapters begin with a psalm from the Bible which goes to show that the problems we face today are nothing new, and have been social problems through the ages. Only, we need the solutions to the problems to be explained to us in a simplified language. This book is just that!

The writing style is in strong resemblance to Chetan Bhagat and the storylines are also similarly young and peppy. Each story highlights a problem that Millenials struggle with thinking that we are alone in this, but are definitely not! Each story shows that there will be someone like Abhishek who can lend a hand, or offer a shoulder to cry on, provided you open up and ask for help. The author offers a 'Rationale' - how he analyses the problem posed, and then goes onto succinctly explaining 'What has to be done' to overcome that particular problem. There is also a summary at the end of each chapter which can be bookmarked for later reference, like a ready reckoner- My Learnings from Millenials so far...:D

Touching upon important topics like 'Being Judged', Celebrating Failure' and more, my favourite is 'Let's Unfriend Emotional Turmoil'. All in all, I can say the author has made a beautiful attempt at offering the Millenial's a quick and easy map of learning the 'Art of Sailing Through' without sounding preachy at all!


Thanks a lot for taking out time in reading and reviewing "You Will Sail Through". It really means a lot .
Thanks for the review @vibhuti bhandarkar... The book really seems appealing for today's generation and is about read for all.

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