Naisaiku Challenge Week 74

An oil painting by Maggie Rex

Twitter Tweet Tweet...
On a wire little birdys meet.
What a visual treat!
Twitter Tweet Tweet
What a visual treat!
On a wire little birdys meet.
Twitter tweet tweet..

To know more about the Naisaiku Challenge read here


Megzone said…
brilliant poem vibzyy..
and the birds are sooo cute :D
and painting awesommeee...
ye naisaiku mere palle nai padta kisi din sikhao muje :(
Rumya said…
Tweet Tweet, Tweet Tweet Tweet!!! :D
That's what the birdy on the tree outside my window has just asked me to convey to you!! ;)
Nice Naisaiku and the painting complements it puurrrfectly!! :D
Looks a bit like embroidery work...because of the 3D effect :)
Maria Mcclain said…
Hello Vibhuti You have a very good blog that the main thing a lot of interesting and beautiful! hope u go for this website to increase visitor.
Maggies_world said…
Nice! This is actually my painting. It was the first oil painting I ever did, 11 years ago!

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