Guest Post #7- By Divya V.

Its True...

I wasn't warned..
I wasn't told..
As what I will be seeing..
What the future will hold..

You were like spring..
That blossomed every bit of me..
And my vision was blinded..
'Cuz you were the only thing I'd see..

The moment it hit me..
Where my senses ditched..
That is when I realized..
I was hitched..

I miss you every moment..
I miss you everyday..
Its a sign, I tell you..
That keeps us at bay..

It kills me inside..
I'm dying every moment..
With every word of your's..
My heart makes a movement..

The tears have dried up..
And I have nothing more to show..
Your hands were a little late..
To wipe what had to flow..

My heart is burdened..
With my love for you..
It comes out in pain..
In the form of dew..

I'm sick of this pain..
What pricks is the secret..
But having loved you so much..
Is something I wont regret..

You're so innocently clueless..
And I'm so much in love with you..
Its not a lie, sweetheart.. 
Its true..

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