Brown Butterfly

Behold the Brown Butterfly upon my wall.
Its the Junonia lemonias, also known as the Lemon Pansy.

This is a common nymphalid butterfly found in gardens and wooded areas but isn't it rare to find it resting for a long while like this. And I caught it with my cam'm immediately! :D

You can see the big eye-spots as well as black and lemon-yellow spots and lines on the upperside of the wings. The underside is a dull brown, with a number of wavy lines and spots in varying shades of brown and black. 

Aren't the eye-spots like they've been carefully and beautifully painted onto its wings?

For more such Brown eye-candy check out the Thursday Challenge for fun and learning!


jidhujose said…
Nice shot. I really like to take a snap of Butterfly.
Nice shot for the theme
Nanka said…
Looks as though it is peering at me!! The big eye spots look so real!!
magiceye said…
thats a beauty!
Bikram said…
vibhzyy bahut nice nice butterfly :)

and as u saythe eye spots look beautiful :)


Shobha said…
Very beautiful.
Recently I visited a butterfly garden and it was amazing .
Shobha said…
Very beautiful !...recently I visited a butterfly garden and it was amazing.
Tikuli said…
I love the little butterfly. So lovely and hey thanks for the information too. Lovely post for TC
Rajlakshmi said…
lucky you to have caught it :D
Anette74 said…
What a beautiful butterfly! And I really love your blog, shiny bright colours that makes me happy :) All the best from Anette in Norway :)
Jane Jones said…
Brown Butterfly Fly my way so I may hold you for at least a day. I believe in the catch and release program, unle it wants to be captured for longer than a day; I'd do that for this fine thing1
Vee said…
beauty of nature captured with brilliant timing. great shot Vibhuti!

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