Pablo Picasso's Old Guitarist

Every day same humdrum
Xanten guitars monotonously strum
All must hate routines
Stereotypical ways are umpteen
Pray may I break
Ever I can't take
Roads beaten and worn
Annoyed, I have sworn
Thinking out of the box
Irritating it is I coax
Out with the old
New is real gold

A personal Note:
 I was at a Karaoke night in Goa some years ago. I  remember that night I was extremely exasperated with the way I had spent my day explaining my creative inputs as the Interior Designer of a project that I was working on. A Bavarian troupe was singing at the Karaoke and they actually helped me forget my woes. :)

In the above acrostic I talk about a Xanten (German/Bavarian province) guitar that monotonously strummed which wasn't the truth. It is most unfair of me to mention it this way for this acrostic has been written in memory of that night when I'd fallen in love with those gorgeous German voices..:)

This has been written for the Acrostic Only Prompt # 11


Nanka said…
Sometimes music can sound exasperating and monotonous, may be it's the time and type of song combination is not right!!

We do have Raagas for particular time of the day for this reason I suppose!! It always sounds better that way when it is done right :)
Jane Jones said…
Dear Vibhuti: Sounds dreamy being an interior designer! The exasperation acrostic poem is very deep and Picasso's blue period Guitarist is very poignant a reminder of sadness, not so much angst. I feel one can reach a maximal of exasperation before one "throws in the towel" and starts all over again. One can feel sadness after exasperation; is it "learned hopelessness" or "all hope is lost?". Picasso does not shine much hope in the Blue period paintings; the complete absence of which is devastingly exasperating. You're not alone in this feeling that is for sure!
Sumit Sarkar said…
Lovely acrostic...
Music can really make us forget all tensions and worries and woes...

Check this...
vibhutib said…
thankyou so much Jane for appreciating this poem especially in relation to this painting. It was definitely learned hopelessness for me because I failed to make people understand my perspective of thinking out of the box. And boy, was I exasperated!!!!
Reiterated thanks to you,
tc and cheers
ljm (Amias & Liquidplastic) said…
I love this one ... especially how you ended it ... simple but true. Thanks for the notes.
ljm (Amias & Liquidplastic) said…
I forgot to say, I have read this several times --- I am very impressed with the words you used, and the great lines. Even without the notes .... this one is very universal.
vibhutib said…
WOW Amias, this comes as a big compliment for me! Did these words really have that effect on you? When I wrote from my life's experience I never imagined someone from teh other side of the globe could relate to it!!!
Youve made my day!!!
Thankyou Amias..XOXOXO

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