Nothing more to do, Tom was wondering how he could while away his time now. He was feeling exceptionally dull this evening. He'd finished collecting milk from the cows and truffle from the pig sty very quickly. Not many hen had laid eggs today, so he'd finished that soon too.  All the regular rigmarole was over. Co-op farming was beginning to get a bit of a boring chore for him over the last few days. He wanted some change.

Old friends hadn't stopped by in a long while. He wondered why? He'd sent them many gifts to lure them to his farm but no help came. Something was fishy!

Vanity kept him from doing for them what he expected them to do for him.

Eventually a thought occurred to him. Had they all gone away for good? He hadn't checked in on them for a long while now. Should he have called them instead of just wondering why there was no activity at all at their farms? "...but Roger was celebrating that he'd be expanding his farm soon and he was planning his own winery too." Tom kept pondering in confusion. "Harper must have compelled him to quit!"

Lately Farmville was getting exceptionally uninteresting despite all those attractive prizes and festivals and what-nots. The novelty of the game was somehow lost. "I must quit this gaming addiction too." decided Tom.

This has been written for Acrsotic Only Prompt # 13 and for 

Tale# 37

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Gsbatty said…
This is a very godd story and the twist at the end blew me away. I never expected the story to go there. My pet peeve is that farm game. I gave up face book because all I would get is request s to play. nice writing
ljm (Amias & Liquidplastic) said…
I enjoy farmville from time to time, but it can become very addictive.
vibhutib said…
Hey Amias, I visit the ruins of my farm now and then. It was a fun experience but I have been purged of teh addiction completely now. I wont start again! :D
vibhutib said…
LOL, So happy to know the story has its desired effect on the reader. I was terribly addicted too and I had quit facebook too for getting off it. Now I have completely gotten over it and am back at Facebook. Wont be trying any of the other games...:D
Thanks for dropping by Batty. :D
nimaruichi said…
Interesting take.

Btw, I tried posting a comment on the LOL Copycat post, but couldn't for some reason. So let me say here that I enjoyed that as well. Meow!
vibhutib said…
Thankyou Nimaruichi,
Happy to know that you enjoyed both the posts. I wonder why you had problems posting a comment there. Hope it isnt a persisting problem..:(
m7 said…
n thnx 4 leaving sch a nice comment on my T.T. #37, really appreciated. :)
vibhutib said…
Thanks M7 and you are most welcome. That was aheartfelt compliment..:D
Nanka said…
WOW!! Vibzzz!! still on Farmville?? :D Sure remember those days when we played like insane farmers LOL!! :D Brought back those memories and had a hearty laugh at our addiction!!

Your earlier post on Farmville was such a LOL :D too!!

Enjoyed both your "Farm Posts" Tag them together :D
yamini meduri said…
wow thats a nice acrostic story..liked the attempt dear..!!

thanks for joining the Tales Train..!!

See you next Thursday..!!
Reflections said…
You are still having problems with your comment thing, had to go into this 3 times before it would allow one... Like this short Acrostic tale. I was so addicted too there for a while, but then most of the games are addictive.

Love your tale... had me thinking in terms of a co-op in town for a short bit... wondering if his friends were okay. Good write.
Leo said…
oh my.. Vibhuti back to Farmville? when did that happen? its the most boring game in existence at the moment.. u teaching Casper to farm? :)
Blasphemous Aesthete said…
I never was a farmer, virtually. But yes, farmville has become a quiet place these days. I don't see my friends' updates that often now, neither do I receive invites.

Nice lil story.

Blasphemous Aesthete
Raksha said…
Never was a fan of Farmville...never will be:)...
you took me to the English farms frankly:)
...well written Vibhuti:)
Rumya said…
LOL :D Someone seems to be reminiscing the good ol' days of Farmville!! :D ;)

Thank you for swimming with us at LOL!! Always a pleasure to read you. Do join us again next week!! :)

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