#4 The Concubine!

Wu Zhung turned at the sound of feet scampering around the garden hedge. She seemed to have been out too long and the maids had discovered her absence. Her Black Sik lined Lotus Shoes in hand, the maid had now spotted her. She hurried towards her with a bowed head and placed the shoes at her feet, urging her to step into them. Meanwhile her personal favourite YinHe, a little elderly and very matronly servant stood sulking, about how she could catch a cold walking barefoot on the lawn like that.
She bore with her complaints for she could feel the well-concealed concern and love in her scolding.
Everybody who had seen Wu Zhung from close quarters knew that hidden behind those sultry looks there was still a child longing for attention and love.
As she reluctantly let them lead her within, Wu Zhung couldn't resist thinking back about that day when she had just arrived here. The peasant's daughter Wu had arrived with hope in her eyes to be the source of relief to her ailing mother back in Kunming. Wu, the petite teenager had brought along with her only a basket of flowers, loads of candidness  and warmth. Her zest for life was what seemed to have drawn Emperor Lao Zhung to her.

This nubile young thing so plump with wholesome beauty was more real than any of the dainty painted dolls that walked in the corridors of his palace as his concubines. Emperor had just looked once, deep into Wu's eyes in that flickering second when Wu had mustered all the courage to look up at Lao Zhung. Wu had been taken in by the scent of his presence, the aura that seemed to emanate from his very being. Wu had been enamoured.
With no further ado, The Emperor had commanded his 10th mistress LuiFei to personally train Wu in the manners of the court, dancing, singing and any other artistic leaning she would display.
And thus Wu was initiated into the court of the Emperor Lao Zhung.
When LuiFei took her hand ever so gently and lovingly she had instantly felt a sense of belonging. Squeezing her hand tight, Wu had followed her and set off on no ordinary journey. Wu didnt know that then onwards it was to be a constant struggle for power, praises and succes. She was just one more amongst the 3000 other court ladies.
Wu's confirmation to a life of luxury and pride had come only after she had proved her artistic versatility, feminine charm and sexual prowess. After rigorous training for a year and a half, Wu at the age of 15 was imperially conferred the title as The Emperor Lao Zhung's 211th Concubine. There was clearly no parallel to the number of concubines the Emperor had to his disposal.

As Wu Zhung took one measured step, with the maids, from the peony garden to her personal chamber, she remembered how the title had only raised the bar for her. She now had to prove herself the best of all mistress'. That's how her passion for success ruled her. Instead of resting on those laurels, Wu had set about doing what she was wired  to do, rise above the rest!

This is Chapter 4 of 'The Great Without' Story series. If you have missed out and wish to can catch up you can read from Chapter #1 ...Looking forward to reviews of the series..:D

Note for the readers:
LUI is a romanized non-Mandarin variant of the Chinese surname Lei meaning 'Thunder'
FEI means concubine.
LuiFei is our fictitious Emperor's concubine here but in ancient China names of the concubines were actually  thus concocted.


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Ur jus beating about d bush like those tv serials ...can't u jus get on wid d story?

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