Simply Naisaiku

You were back biting?
Friend of Foe!
Et tu Brute
Friend of Foe!
You were back biting?
Et tu Brute

Have tried the strict 3-5-3 syllable count Naisaiku this time.

This fun form of  poetry celebrates its 60th week of The Naisaiku Challenge


Sayak Shome said…
Et tu Brute, then fall Caesar. I had the play Julius Caesar in my ICSE syllabus for English. :) Aren't 'Et tu Brute' (et tu bru-te) four syllables?
magiceye said…
amazing work!
is the marvelous art work yours too?
Anonymous said…
That's a nice one, Vibs.. :)
Hey Sayak,
Yeah.. memory from school times it is! Confirmed with a syllable counter Et Tu Brute is made of 3 syllables.:D

Hey Deepak:
Glad you liked this one too..No this illustration is from Deviantart..not mine...Hoping to get back to my sketching that some day I may have only my illustrations alongside for each pf my poem or post..:D
Phoenixritu said…
It has a nice beat to it! Like it v much

Word verification! Gaaah! Me dislikes
Rajlakshmi said…
nice one of back biting... well written :)
Stan Ski said…
Fun post with a serious message.
Andy Sewina said…
Thanks for taking the NaiSaiKu Challenge? With a a little historical twist...

Nicely thought out!

* I don't think it matters if it's three syllables or four, the point is that the poem works and it works well. The English word brute would be one syllable but the proper nane Brute would be two syllables.
Stan Ski said…
Fun post with a serious message.

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