#2 The gift from Kunming

The Mongol tyranny had reached its pinnacle. After decades of peace however they had grown used to taking the peasants for granted and had rested their swords. The once vicious and aggressive Mongol warriors were lying dormant.

Taking advantage of this laid back attitude Lao Zhung strategized his next attack on the Mongolian Overlords. He had fought many a battles on the Pearl River Delta against the Mongols but never returned victorious. This time he had it all crystal clear in his mind. Lao Zhung’s men mingled with the peasants in the different provinces of the Delta and gained their confidence. They ribbed the local peasants who were tired of the Mongol tyranny. Soon meetings were being conducted in the dark of the night to plan their moves. Within no time, the peasants had risen in revolt. Lao Zhung seized this opportunity and backed the rebels against the Mongol overlords with his army.

With his keen foresight and sharp mind Lao Zhung emerged as their leader, rallying his soldiers and farmers to the cause of establishing his own Empire. Over the following decade the revolt spread all over. There was not a nook or cranny safe enough for a Mongol. The Mongolian warlords seemed to have made foes wherever they went and were clearly outnumbered by the army raised by Lao Zhung. Also their in-fights had weakened their own bearing. Thus the Mongols were forced to retreat and Lao Zhung established his own Empire, proclaiming himself the Emperor.

It was during one of these months of celebration after the great victory that little Wu had arrived at the Emperor’s palace leaving her old mother alone, back at home in Kunming, to the south of the Cloud Mountains. Wu had just reached puberty and her beauty was in full blossom. Anyone who laid eyes on her could only think of a pink Peony in full bloom. Her eyes like soft petals had many dreams ensconced in them.

Her luscious lips quivered in excitement as she arrived before the towering structure of the Royal palace. A basket of Peonies in hand, she awaited her turn to be presented before Lao Zhung who now reigned as Emperor at the ripe age of 25. IIIrd son of the autocratic Emperor Lao Di, Lao Zhung had now gained fame as the Son of The Dragons. He was ruling his Empire with the same fire in his belly and infinite valour. Wu trembled in her plain cotton dress at the idea of being appraised by such a formidable man. Little did she know that in the near future she would no longer remain an ordinary woman!

Wu could not help but feel so belittled before the palatial grandeur for she hailed from an impoverished farmer’s family. She would have given anything to know what lay in store for her. Little did this lissome teenager know that she could rest all her worries for she was to be the Emperor’s favorite concubine soon!

To be continued....
This is a small beginning to a big story. Please do read Part #1 of the STory series 'The Great Without'.


T F Carthick said…
Nice.Is this going to be a novel? I like such stories. But still have not tried writing because I like them to be historically accurate and I am too lazy to do the necessary research. Looking forward to what happens next. You could have elaborated a bit on the overthrow of Mongols though. You rushed through that bit. By the way, recently I have read John Keay's history of China. So shall be watching you story closely for any historical inaccuracies..
Bikram said…
nice one .. Mongols were fierce fighters and at one time almost won all land under jhinghez khan..(I hope i am right.. Now that the above comment Historically correct) I am neither so dont read too much .. understand the emotion he hehe good to see someone overthrow them.. liked the story.. but the wait is not goood ..:) i dont have itna patience vibhzyy...
Get it copyright.. pata chala someone from bollywood reads it and makes a movie and earns millions .. :)
adarshs said…
a start that ll make ppl desperate for d next part...lol...nicely written
Hey Adarsh,
am happy to know that you have liked it..hope you visit again and let me know what you think of its developments..

@ Bikram..Mannnnnn you also give super comments huh! Yes. Ur right Genghis Khan was the most firece and cut-throat Mongol..Yes, if you read Chinese history well he was indeed thrown over and a new Empire was born..
Abt Copyrighting this series..I dont think the script is such that there may not be a mov already on this...:P

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