Behold the magic....

Mystic spirit speaks
Of magic potions, charts and djinns 
Book of mystic incantations,
Book of mystic incantations,
Of magic potions, charts and djinns 
Mystic spirit speaks

The spirit of the Grimoire, Tuwrel, as Laila called it had a mind of its own. Sometimes the energy in the attic was so vibrant that the book rose from the casket on its own, the minute Dorri Jun had raised the lid. The golden glow would appear like a beam casting shadows upon the walls. The pages would flip without Dorri Jun raising a finger and Laila could clearly see a halo around her grandma.

Behold the magic,

Learn the art of demystifying the unknown

The spirit speaks forth

It was beyond words to describe the glory of the moment, the power of the whispering voice. The mystical, magical incantations rose in the air like the sound of leaves rustling in the wind. Dorri Jun had told her that the voice and the sounds were audible only to their ears. “The chanting may sound like whispers to you but they are at such high decibels that it cannot be heard by the common man. Laila, even if your mother stands with her ears stuck to that door, she will not hear a single word other than those uttered by you and me.”

Minutes became hours in the attic and Laila began to spend more and more time with Dorri Jun in concentrated silence. There were some days when Dorri Jun did not summon the spirit of the Grimoire. She concentrated on carefully writing in a neat hand in a smaller, less ostentatious but beautiful velvet lined diary. At the foot of every right hand side page, in the extreme right hand corner there was a tiny line drawing of the symbol of the Mithra. The glowing golden drawing stood out on each onion coloured sheet in the diary.

Mithra watches over men and their deeds, agreements and contracts. He is the guide towards the right order and is also responsible for giving protection against attack. One of Mithra's most important duties is to protect the kingly fortunes and the Divine Glory.”

Laila fell in love with the idea of being protected by this macho divinity clad in a golden cuirass armed with golden-shafted arrows, axes, maces and daggers. She felt safe.

“What is it you are doing, Dadi Jun?” she enquired.

Dorri Jun continued to focus on what she was writing. She was carefully transferring all the instructions, magical spells, charts and drawings from the great Grimoire into the new diary. It would be the only existing copy of the original. The Secret Grimoire of Tuwrel was being duplicated.

“…but what is the need Dadi Jun?” Laila had interrupted once again.

“The Grimoire is in Hebrew which you shall not follow. I cannot have you rote these incantations. One error and we’ll be done for! One has to be precise” was Dorri Jun’s prompt reply.

“….but how is it possible Dadi Jun? Will the magical powers be the same in this copy too?” enquired Laila once again.

“It is for you to know and me to find out!” retorted Dorri Jun back in an admonishing tone.

Hours became days, days became weeks and Laila began with her serious training sessions. Dorri Jun would chant from the original Grimoire and Laila would recite in harmony reading from her Farsi copy.

“What if someone hears us chant Dadi Jun?” Laila was concerned.

“Nobody will dear, it is a pact between Mithra and Tuwrel.” Satisfied with Dorri Jun’s answer Laila turned all her attention to the mystic passages.

Weeks became months and seasons changed. Laila changed. Dorri Jun aged. There was a transformation in everything in that house. The Secret Grimoire of Tuwrel remained the same, powerful, ruling over the two remaining lives to which it belonged and also providing for all they ever needed.

One night in the attic Tuwrel had whispered, “In cheh ser.reh nemi:dunaem?” and a silken veil dropped into Laila’s lap. The soft pearl coloured veil was the most beautiful piece of garment Laila had ever touched. The translucent material gave off all the colours of the rainbow and the golden sequins lined along the hem glistened with a magnificent sheen.

“Indeed there is nothing that could be kept a secret from you, Tuwrel!” Laila replied like on auto response but she was still wondering “What is this veil for?” Laila dared not speak aloud. The spirit always spoke in puzzles. A language only the knowing could decipher.

Like she’d read Laila's mind Dorri Jun spoke, “From the time we arrive on the planet, our destiny is written. So has the veil arrived with a purpose! Have patience Laila and the spirit of the Grimoire will guide you when the time is right!”

What a difference a day makes! Since that incident Laila felt officially included in the league of the secret religious practitioners. The spirit of the Grimoire had indicated the acceptance of her presence for the first time. Laila was assured that Dorri Jun had made the right choice, she was indeed the special one!

Years flew by like migrating birds and Laila matured like aging wine, only faster. It was a sheer magical transformation that had come over her. She felt wiser than other girls at school and realised she had become more observant than the rest. Her intuitions were very strong and always right. The day she saw Erum the belly dancer walk in through that door, Laila was sure that destiny was about to give her own story a new bend.

As Dorri Jun laid the nut cracker to rest, Laila’s impatient fingers fiddled with a betel nut, still in her hand. She felt one with that little nut whose life transformed under the nutcracker. Laila was all ears to the conversation that sparked between Erum and her grandma but her mind raced ahead.

“What is it Tuwrel? Tell me, now I pray!”

To be continued...
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The Persian Glossary:
“In cheh ser.reh nemi:dunaem?” : What is this secret, I don't know?

Facts in the Fiction:
Mithra, is an ancient Persian divinity, an all knowing protector of truth

This has been written for the Z-A in 26 Days Challenge at 'I Rhyme Without Reason',
Sunday Scribblings #242
and Carry on Tuesday #81


phoenixritu said…
Its getting more intense. Keep it up
vibhutib said…
Awww thankyou Ritu Di. I am hoping to do a better job at writing a novella this time..Wish me luck!!! :))
magiceye said…
hmmmm.... getting into the spirit....!!!

Gautami Tripathy said…
Wonderful post!

Tweety said…
interesting vibz...i am really gonna keep track of this now :)
Kavita said…
Oooohh...such an intriguing read! Am already raring to read the next part!! What will the veil unveil?? CANNOT WAIT!!!!

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