Staying Alive

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Single drop of water

Thirsts a life dying

A single loving word

Yearning, old man survives

In hope of acceptance

Need of homely warmth

Growing aloof in rejection

After lifelong loving

Left lonely is he

In sorrow and grief

Very jilting is destiny

Ends living, awaiting death

This has been written for the Z-A in 26 Days Challenge at 'I Rhyme Without Reason'
and for the Acrostics Only Prompt # 10


Nanka said…
Sad but true :( Couldn't agree with you more on the plight of some senior citizens :(

"After life long loving, Left lonely is he" is the line that hits the hardest.

Heart wrenching Acrostic Vibzz!!
Victoria said…
I spent many years of my life caring for the aged. It is apalling what sometimes happens, even in the most affluent countries. There is so much emotional abandonment. Your poem is a senstive reminder to all of us. Thank you.
vibhutib said…
Victoria I respect you more now! You have done a noble deed and yours is one life well-lived!!!! I have written this piece for I really feel it is very cruel to abandon your loved ones. I cannot imagine what cold-hearted people those must be who can walk away from their elders, so easily!!!! :(..
vibhutib said…
Thankyou Nanka, I only write from my heart and this is how I feel..Sad about the plight of those senior citizens who've been deserted so cruelly!!! :(
Nanka said…
Checkout my Knuckle sandwich Acrostic today which I remember you had done so well even before I learnt what it meant :D
Shalmalee said…
Wow Vibhuti. That's a touchy one but very true and beautifully written!
Nimue said…
A well crafted post :

A new challenge on my blog. Please give it a try if it interests you : Months of the year challenge
the picture said it all...very touchy...Nice A
amanda said…
this makes me very glad that I took care of my mother til the day she passed. Tho I miss her I will never regret caring for her.

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