P is for Passion!

Image borrowed from http://www.adivastateofmind.com/

Prim and proper
Attractively dressed
Stylish and dapper, in
Sync' with trends
If fashionable not
Our shelf-life ends
Now I go shopping again

...This post has been written for the ABC Wednesday Round 7


Amity said…
passion and fashion always go together when it comes to shopping Vhibs.. :-) loved this acros!
Vivek said…
lol...nice :)
Rajlakshmi said…
passion for shopping!!! now that reminds me of ... ahem me :P
nice write
Katiedraws said…
Great graphic!
vibhutib said…
lol..yayyy i have more company! :)
Bollywoodstylediaries said…
Love this one:-)
Should it be "Attractively dressed"??
Rogerogreen said…
Fond of passion, if not shopping.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team
Nanka said…
Hahaha!! and that is what we did when we were around with you and loved every bit of it since the little tyke was egging us on to go "ghoomi-ghoomi"
vibhutib said…
Yeeheeeheee..thats exactly what hes demanding of me right now! Ill be going ghoomi ghoomi again today and will definitely miss ull...but I have promised myself like ur daughter has advised...Only Window Shopping this time, enough of blowing big bucks!!!! :P LOL

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