The Deck of Cards

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Panders to senses
Gambler lusts another win
Advance shuffled deck

Deck of cards allure
Big money an addiction
Tough is giving up

This has been written for the Three Word Wednesday CCXVI
& the Z-A in 26 Days Challenge at 'I Rhyme Without Reason'


Shail said…
Good use of words. Card games are addictive :)
magiceye said…
Nanka said…
A dice game just over at Rumzz and now a a deck of card's here Vibzz!! Kya family hai?? :D
Loved the use of the prompt words and the two Haiku's do ample justice to it!!
Amity said…
Yes, yes, you can't give up the game once the luck is on your side...:-) But how about if there's a turn-around of events? You would surely be cursing under your breath...:-)

Nicely said and done Vhibs... :-)

I guess I;ve got lots of posts to catch up here now... :P

Will do so soonessssstttt!!!
vibhutib said…
LOL...Yes Ma'm, Family ho to aisi!!! :D
vibhutib said…
Hey Amity,
you are too sweet. Thanks a ton and am surely looking forward to recieving your valuable comments..:))
deck of cards can kill time big time...and call kill money, really big money :)

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