Little baby of mine

White as pure milk
Sweet little baby of mine
With skin smooth as silk

Sleep beautiful babe,
Cushioned in velvet and silk
Sleep prince of my heart

Also for the Z-A in 26 Days Challenge at ' I Rhyme Without Reason'


Teresa said…
Such wonderful poems for such a beautiful baby. I just love that soft, silky baby skin.
Nanka said…
Such a heartfelt Haiku!! Can picture the little one and you though the tone for these words changes at times as you put the Prince to bed LOL!! :D
Nethra_A said…
Nice one. :) It's a haiku?
Rumya said…
Pangool!!! Duddu!!! :D :D Besides got everything else bang on!!! ;)
Rumya said…
Udhi and Blondie
Pangool and his Duddu jayi
Night prince rules you heart!! :)

~Udhi Nanka and Rumzz ;)

Oopss.... another one coming....

Bootu and Cap-pe
Ghoomi-Ghoomi time it is
Aafice lad on prowl ;) :P

~Udhi Nanka and Rumzz :)
vibhutib said…
LOL ROFL the rate at which ull are dishing out one Casperised Haiku after another, soon Udhi- Haiku will evolve as a genre!!!! And Issa will be 'J'..:P
Marion Friedenthal said…
Your haiku are lovely and it is SO UNFAIR to use your baby to tug at our heartstrings... What a beautiful baby...
Kavita said…
How sweeeet is that!!! Loved the Haiku pair, and the baby pic is just divine!!! :)
that was very sweet!
Leo said…
Dedicated to Casper, Vibz? :) lovely haiku set..
Rumya said…
We all know that li'l baby of yours..... :D ;) Should have put his picture!! :D

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