M for Moths

After scouring the net I have deduced that this cousin of the butterfly is probably the
Two Spotted Herpetogramma Bipunctalis Moth

    Moths and Butterflies both belong to the order LEPTIDOPTERA and hence are first cousins..;)
    If someone can give me a confirmation on the species of this winged wonder or correct this amatuer nature enthusiast if wrong, will  be obliged! :D

Less famous cousin
A little less beautiful
Lives in the shadow

This post is an entry at the Z-A in 26 Days Challenge @ I Rhyme Without Reason


Kavita said…
I know squat about moths! But I sure love butterflies!
And now that you have confirmed my knowledge about moths and butterflies being first cousins, I like the former too!! :)
A sweet tribute to these simple winged creatures...
I am not an expert either. The coloring is milder in case of a moth, i feel.

My M is a Murder.
Nanka said…
No idea about Moths but your Haiku dedication to them is more interesting.When the weather is cool and drizzling then some stray into my house.
vibhutib said…
Yes Nanka, This fellow also came in for shelter one such day, too! Thanks fo rthe compliment again! :D
vibhutib said…
hey Kavita,
I dint know much about moths either only until I clicked this refugee. :)
I love butterflies too and so does my lil son. He called this moth a butterfly and that triggered this post! :))
Thanks for your sweet words of praise!
Ruchira said…
Beautifully put !
Shalmalee said…
First cousins.....how cute :)
Victoria said…
Good one--never thought of comparing the moth and butterfly. I like that: lives in the shadow.
Rajlakshmi said…
My sister once tried to pet moths.... eeeeeeee
loved the haiku... speacially the last line.
Leo said…
beautiful.. less known cousin of the butterfly.. thats an awesome comparison, Vibzz :)
vibhutib said…
Thanku Ruchira
vibhutib said…
thanku guys for your sweet words of praise. Your responses are most interesting too! :D
Rumya said…
Moths....Scary.... :( I want to be nowhere near them....nor their cousins the butterflies.... :P

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