Name of Roman God
Earth's farthest neighbour too
Planet with thirteen moons
Twin brother in blue
Uranus; Coldest place ever
Not visible to naked
Eyes; this ice giant

This orbits around the Z-A in 26 Days Challenge at 'I Rhyme Without Reason'
And Acrostics Only Prompt # 9


Nanka said…
God of the seas,storms and sacred to Mariners who bow to this giant Roman water God...You have combined the prompts so well!!
vibhutib said…
Aaah who could tell me more about mariners than you? :) Thanks for the added trivia and thanks for your most encouraging compliments Nanka..:)) XOXO
Priyanka_phy said…
too good!!
Amias said…
Good. You define the subject within the poem, and gave us a little scientific knowledge to boot. Keep writing ..
Medhiniseshadri said…
Hi Vibhuti,

A good one... with the solar system!!!

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