Saturday Photohunt: Written

It's very interesting to see these colourful messages written on the back of a racing Tonga at Juhu beach, Mumbai. To read more such wonderful boards from around the world visit 


magiceye said…
cool take on the theme!!
Nanka said…
That's an interesting photo from Mumbai, makes you lol and colorful too!!
vibhutib said…
Thanku Deepakji... You are my inspiration to think different!
vibhutib said…
Aah Yes Nanka, crazy Indians na!! I want to revisit Juhu beach in fact..:)
Neelambari said…
you into photohunting too now?
yup the above pic is so a mumbai beach reminder!
like the capture :)
vibhutib said…
Hehehe yes Neelz,
Im a professional Photographer, Writer and artist. My passion is fashion.
Now only time will tell me and you if I have any more talents hidden in me..;) :P

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