Trekking up to the old and formidable fort of PratapGarh near Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra.This has been brought out of the archives for Monochrome Mania

Trekking through memories sweet
How many friends made
I'm thinking about them
Now, time and again
Kindly tell me if 
I'll meet them again
Need them to know
God! I miss them

This has been written for the Z-A in 26 Days Challenge at 'I Rhyme Without Reason!"
And for the Acrostics Only Prompt # 2 for November.


magiceye said…
beautiful image and lovely verse!
jidhujose said…
nice shot the trucking
Shalmalee said…
Beautiful verse....i didnt realize its pratapgarh....its a wow shot :)
Leo said…
very nice Vibz :) trekking through memories is much like thinking.. :D
Rajlakshmi said…
trekking through memories... loved this verse ... wonderful write.
Amity said…
Very nicely I suddenly missed my good and best friends way back in high school!
Amias said…
Missing old friends can clutter the mind in such a wonderful way, I am thinking.
Write Girl said…
I can picture someone on a lifelong journey remembering old friends. May they be reunited. Beautiful acrostic. I really enjoyed this!
Nanka said…
You make a great friend and fortunate are those who know you well!!
vibhutib said…
Awwww thats most generous of you to say this about me. I am really touched...Thankyou so much..I will always try to be a better friend, always!
Very sweet acrostic you did very well with #2!

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