Photograph courtesy:
Behold the smooth fall
Like shining velvet on looms
Water flows down hill

this has been written for the Z-A in 26 Days Challenge at I Rhyme Without Reason


Leo said…
i like the comparison.. sunlight on waterfall does indeed look like velvet :D
Rajlakshmi said…
beautiful imagery ... wonderfully written.
vibhutib said…
Thankyou for your kind compliments. :)
vibhutib said…
A compliment and no criticism from such an accomplished poet!! I am sooooo happy..Thanku Leo..:D
Amity said…
wow...lovely photo that truly complimented those right verses!
vibhutib said…
Thankyou Amity. Am so happy to see that you are likeing what I write! :D
Nanka said…
Lovely similie here and such an apt picture too. Beautiful words to describe and must call you the Haiku Queen!!

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