Whom to believe?

Ms. Heartbroken:

Yearn as much as I may,
Love stays nay.
I beg and I plead
But the void only exceeds.
In my heart’s pit so deep
Emotions sleep.
I think my heart fears
Another bout of tears
And refuses to wake
For life’s sake.
Love’s ways evade
And fail to pervade.
My heart doesn’t beat
At no visual treat.
I feel so lost
Like I'm my own ghost
What should I do,
To start anew?



Why should you yearn,

Instead of learn?

That Love isn’t life

And you shouldn’t strife

to bring it back

And mourn its lack.

Why should you long

For what doesn’t belong

In your heart

From the start ?

Life is in freedom

And not in this boredom

Of commitment

And contentment.

Life is in variety

Not in sobriety.

Keep strings unattached

Feel no hurt when you’re detached.

The Cupid:

Please believe,

It’s in the way you perceive.

For the lost don’t yearn

From experience learn.

Love comes when you stop the chase.

This numb feeling is just a phase.

Fell the wall

Around the heart small.

Welcome the sun

And make life fun.

Keep smiling

Not whining.

Right on time

You’ll hear the chime.

Look it in the eye

And don’t be shy.

Don’t fear the worst.

Drink when in thirst.

Then love will seep in

And live deep within.

My words will be true

For the optimistic you!

This has been written for the Z-A in 26 Days Challenge at 'I Rhyme Without Reason'


Tweety said…
wohoooo vibz that was just simply beautiful..i don't know i think i have believed them both at one point of time in life...the cupid as well as the devil...because after all we all have our shares of dark and twisty as well the happy moments...i completely loved it :)
Amity said…
This is so touching Vhibs...:-) and yeah, the rhyme made is super interesting... :-)

For Cupid and the Devil? Oh, I have that cupid's streak as well as that devilish streak...lols!
D2 said…
Lovely poem, Vibhuti. The two versions of the Devil and the Cupid were especially worth reading. All of us have those dualities within us somewhere!
Nice one. :)
Shalmalee said…
Wonderful poem and i love the background.
Myrna said…
Nice. I enjoyed reading these. Really cute pictures too. You have a gift for captivating true feelings, and your words flow well .
bikram said…
well said vibhzyyy.. love where is love these days ..
the poems are beatuifl but i dont beleive in it anymore..

the pics are cute and ur use of words as usual awesome

vibhzyyy this one was CHAKK DE FATTTEEEEEEEEEEE :)
vibhutib said…
Though I agree with your take on love, I still live for it and believe in it Bikram!! :D
Thanks for your compliment again! :))
Happy Diwali..
vibhutib said…
Thanku Myrna,
I just write from the heart, thats it!! :D
Happy to know you liked my poem..:))
vibhutib said…
Hi Shalmalee,
Thanks and the template you mean? A very very close friend/Cousin of mine has lovingly selected this one for me..Will let her know, her choice works!!! :D
vibhutib said…
Absolutely, you've caught the nerve of the poem! Am glad..:))
vibhutib said…
Yes Tweety thats very true. We have to walk a thin line balancing what the devil teaches and the cupid asks for..:D isnt it?
Leo said…
I like the three view point take on the W :) lovely wordplay.. a bit of punctuation can make the reading quite better! :D
vibhutib said…
See I take all sensible opinions seriously and immediately work on that!!
And I had help from the 'PRO' you see..:D Thanks anyways..You should see this template now for quite sometime until I get bored..:))

Ill try to see where Ive forgotten the punctuations and rectify the poetry..Thanks again Leo!!!! :))
Nimue said…
loved all verses though i liked most the devil's words !!!
Amity said…
I guess I've been here Vhibs...also commented on this post of yours already, but maybe it went to spam?

an interesting contrast Vhibs! nicely penned verses!
Amity said…
This is so touching Vhibs...:-) and yeah, the rhyme made is super interesting... :-)

For Cupid and the Devil? Oh, I have that cupid's streak as well as that devilish streak...lols!
vibhutib said…
your previous comment/compliment was also recieved without any error. Its righ there! So amused to see both the devil and the cupid get a healthy response! ;)
Nanka said…
I think all the three are speaking well and sensibly... as we do have the streaks of all of them :) Follow that lovely heart of yours as it is so full of love, courage and sincerity!! Keep going you are doing fine at the moment, even the Devil is so "paaap"' :D Loved the style of writing and your Ms Heartbroken has such sound advice too :)

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